What Is PV?

When most people hear solar power, they think of solar panels. PV (photovoltaic) solar panels are silicon sheets that turn the light of the sun into electricity. Solar PV, also known as solar electric, is also the fastest growing form of solar energy technology. The alternative to PV is solar thermal energy, which heats water instead of producing electricity.

Not Your Founding Father's Solar Power

The price of solar panels has fallen to almost $1 per watt, from over $3 in 2007. Back in the '70s and '80s, solar panels were more expensive and less efficient, so consumers had to arrange their panels awkwardly to maximize output. Recently though, technology has put solar within reach for the mainstream consumer, making it cheaper and easier to install solar panels in an aesthetically pleasing way.

PV's Advantages

Photovoltaic is the most versatile of the solar options. Unlike solar thermal system which only heats water, PV systems generate electric power that can be used to heat and cool homes, power kitchens, or to make hot water. When combined with the federal tax credit, on-grid PV systems are already cheaper over the lifetime of the system than traditional utility payments, and ours come with a 25-year power output guarantee. 

How Does It All Fit Together?

PV panels generate electricity from the sun. This energy is fed into an inverter, which converts that electricity into a form useable in your home or business. For on-grid systems, a net-metering system allows you to earn credits when you produce more electricity than you consume, and to pull power back from the grid during nights or rainy days. 

Our PV Projects

For some examples of our residential and commercial PV-Electric systems view the case studies below:

Bison Printing in Bedford, VA (Commercial)

Charlottesville Residential Install

Mount Sydney Residential Install

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