Sigora Solar is Central Virginia's leading and fastest growing solar design and installation company. We are believers in our responsibility for the energy we consume and strive to provide access to affordable clean energy to the world.

Sigora Solar is an extremely fast paced company in which hard work and innovation are welcome and rewarded. We are looking for Central Virginia based Solar Installers to join our ranks. Your primary role will be installing PV systems on residential and commercial buildings, including both roof and ground mounts. Additionally, we will expect installers to assist with logistical planning, scheduling, and related demands as needed.

This position requires a very careful adherence to well-defined work where repeatable results are needed. The work is highly precise in nature and requires a very strong attention to detail. It is vital for the work output to be very high quality, with correct results, time and time again. Checking and double-checking is often necessary; individuals performing the job must be patient and conscientious. Both the content and the presentation are important; all work must be highly polished. There is little ambiguity in this job. It is very clear what needs to be done, and what the expected results are. This clarity will come either from the company's management, or from established professional disciplines and processes. The established procedures and processes must be followed very closely; there is little room or necessity to modify them. Much of the work can be accomplished by working at a steady, even pace. There is much consistency and familiarity from one day to the next. It is generally feasible to plan large blocks of work ahead of time. When work duties do change, there is ample foresight and time to prepare. The work is best accomplished working as an individual, without a great dependence on other people or "politics" for results. The work is helpful in nature; providing support and/or service to others in an environment free from competition. Interacting with customers requires a professional, formal manner where the focus is on completing the task pleasantly and correctly. 

Steady, even pace of activity with a large degree of predictability from one day to the next. Job activities are consistent, or even repetitious in nature, and results are repeatable. Well-define processes and procedures exist to perform activities. The right candidate is people-focused, while being reserved in nature. They are helpful, with a "service" orientation. There is a strong focus on repeatable, very high-quality results. The ideal candidate is cautious and by the book. Decision-making is required. Examination of the facts, established
procedure, or proven process must preclude decision-making (detailed knowledge of or training in those areas significantly aids decision-making).

Communication style is factual, polite, and professional in nature. The right person can speak with great
specificity and knowledgeable detail about areas of responsibility; not required to speak at length about other
topics Expertise comes from training, knowledge, and experience.

Authority and responsibility is shared with others, such as in a team environment where people have worked
together for long periods of time Little delegation of details is required. When it does happen, this position
requires strong follow-up to ensure that work quality and attention to detail remain very high. Leadership style
required involves being an expert in the field and using that knowledge to be a resource for others, learning
and development.

The individual we are looking for will be:

  • NABCEP certified is preferred, not required

  • Extremely ambitious
  • Highly energetic
  • Hardworking
  • Technically inclined
  • Team player with the “can figure it out" gene
  • Comfortable with heights and in attics
  • Passionate about solar energy and the environment

If you have what it takes to join Sigora, here's our promise:

  • We'll treat you like a human being
  • We offer a career with actual growth opportunities
  • We'll pay you properly, depending on experience and performance, with minimum 2 weeks paid time off, and paid trainings
  • We’ll always pay people based on the value they bring to the organization and not some voodoo sexist magic math.
  • Group health match after three months, and a simple IRA match after six months, ten days paid time off per year, paid sick time, and paid vacations.

Please send your resume to with "Solar Installer" in subject line. Please send us PDF files only – our system will automatically delete messages with any other attachments. Please feel free to impress us.