A whole home approach

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Site Assessment

Step 1

A technical survey will be conducted on-site to finalize your project details.

Design + Engineering

Step 2

Our design and engineering department will take the information gathered in the field and optimize the very best system for your home.

Permit + Net Meter Application

Step 3

We’ll submit all necessary documentation to your municipality and local utility to obtain a permit and ensure a timely net meter install.

PV Install

Step 4

Be on the lookout for our shiny black van because in just a few hours we'll have your system installed!

Energy Efficiency

Step 5

Complimentary Energy Efficiency improvements will be identified and performed to ensure your energy needs are reduced and our guarantee is met.


Step 6

Our team will meet with an inspector in your jurisdiction to confirm that installation is up to the National Electric Code.

Net Meter Install

Step 7

The utility company replaces your existing meter to guarantee that you receive credit for every watt of energy your system produces.


Step 8

Flip the switch and start saving! Go ahead and do a happy dance. We won’t judge.

Operation & Monitoring

Step 9

Our 24/7 remote monitoring ensures your system is always running optimally.